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Shanghai beida resin hose & hydraulic machine factoryis a comprehensive manufacturer and vendor for all kinds' high pressure hose and other related hose product.

The main product includes: high-middle pressure thermoplastic hose, pressure washer hose, nylon hose, test hose and microtesting system, high-pressure spray paint hose, high pressure rubber hose assembly. The products are widely used in various fields, such as pressure washer, hydraulic machinery, hardware tools, high pressure spray paint equipment, engineering machinery, brake in automobile, and so on. Products are sold throughout the country, and exported to europe, American, South east Asian countries, etc.

Beida established since 2001, strictly persists on the concept "Higher Quality product, Higher Quality Services". With more than 10 years' business development, our featured product "pressure washer hose" has possessed a good reputation and occupied a certain market share. With the incessant accumulation of technique and the constant study for market demand, in recent two years, Bieda has developed and prompted a series of resin hose product. Now Beida has not only been in pressure washer field, but also gradually has shifted to automobile, construction machinery and equipment, air conditioning, chemicals, food machinery, paint spraying, and many other industries.

Today, Beida has 14 production line for high pressure resin hose, several assembly lines and test lines, and many experienced technicians. We have approved the certification of ISO9001:2008 quality system. Our rich processing capacity and technical capabilities make our produdct high quality and delivery on time; strong development and design ability for hydraulic hose earns clients' satisfaction.

Beida's targets:Professional manufacturers of high pressure hose.

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